Will We Witness The End of The Digital SLR?

Is the end of the DSLR near? Will we all be doing our shooting with Smart Phones in the near future? If you have been reading some of the latest online, there are a few that believe the smart phone will replace the dSLR.

I don’t buy it!

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My Favorite Wireless Triggering Device

I like using flash for my outdoor photography: occasionally with nature subjects and quite often with adventure imagery and there are many options to choose from. I have quite a few and I started using them many years ago in my commercial photography.

I started with the Quantum Radio Slaves as triggers and they worked great allowing me to trigger flash/strobes or trigger my camera as well.

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Some Useful Tips on Protecting Your Images

There is outright image theft, there is pinning on Pinterest without permission, there is duplication of blog posts, and often under the guide of “gee I didn’t know” or “I thought I could use them for free.”

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The Future Professional Outdoor Photographer is…

The still photo is no longer the means to an end it once was. Simply capturing an image and waiting for it to be licensed in any form is a much longer wait than it once was. While still photos are used more than ever, the income that once came with an images use is stretched thin, if existing at all.

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The Notion That Photographers Should Give Their Work Away

Camera’s, lenses, filters, light meters, flashes, tripods, backpacks, bags, studio space, studio equipment, lighting, stands, (gasp! pause for air) backdrops, props, software, computers, travel, fuel, lodging, assistants, and the list goes on. These are just some of the expenses photographers are faced with in order to carve out a meager existence and living.

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Field Testing the Canon 1DX by Jay Goodrich

The menus are similar to the 1D Mark IV, yet completely different. Canon has definitely thought through the layout of this machine. The menu system is way more intuitive-more so than ever before. You are going to need a PhD to understand the autofocus and its options. Thank you for the 50 page PDF on Canon’s website.

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Australian Denis Smith’s Amazing ‘Balls of Light’ Project

He uses nothing other than lights on a string and long exposures. and shoots in a variety of unique locations. This project is nothing short of brilliant and Denis has blasted onto the scene and garnered international attention with his project and a documentary film. We got in touch with Denis to ask him about Balls of Light.

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Why Video is Not as Powerful as Photography

Do a quick Google search on “photography DSLR video” and immediately countless links are returned on the subject. “How to” seminars, equipment, tips, technique and photographer web sites are all available for further exploration. The subject is well documented on the internet and supported by camera manufacturers.

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Todd Kaplan Scores a Multi Page Spread in Big Sky Journal

Todd Kaplan is an adventure and nature photographer based in Sun Valley Idaho. He has been photographing professionally for almost 15 years. He has many publishing credits to his name including: SKI Magazine, Delta Airlines, Outdoor Photographer, National Geographic Traveler, Readers Digest, Fly Fisherman, Backpacker, Sunset Magazine, Smithsonian, United Airlines (Hemispheres), Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Time Inc., and many more

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