How to Be a Storm Chasing Photographer

We see a lot great photography these days of severe storms from all around the globe and I admit I am fascinated by lightning and thunder and photographing these events from a safe place. While we can have severe storms anywhere In the United States, it’s the Midwestern states that seem to get a lot of severe storm events. It has become pretty popular among those who call themselves storm chasers, to visit these areas that seem to have storms occurring on a regular basis.

It used to be that those who were called storm chasers were doing it for scientific and research purposes, putting themselves in front of these storms to collect data and observe the storms behavior. But storm chasing has become even more popular among the general population including photographers and filmmakers. While they all might have their own reasons for doing, photographs, video footage, and the adrenaline rush some reason.

I recently learned that my good friend and veteran wildlife photographer Laurie Excell has been chasing storms for years and it so happens she just arrived in Oklahoma to do just that. So I messaged her to find out if it was possible to chat with her before she heads out to shoot with, get this: her storm chasing photo workshop. She was thrilled to us what she is up to so watch this video to see stunning images of lightning and tornado’s and listen to our conversation.

Watch Video below:

Copyright (C) 2014 Laurie Excell


Copyright (C) 2014 Laurie Excell



See Laurie’s images and workshop info on her site here.