OpenSea Diary: Mora and Moynihan Film the South Pacific

In a recent post we wrote about Mora and Moynihan and the preparations to embark on a sailing adventure across the South Pacific filming nature, the environment and the cultures. Here is the first of their many (to come) field reports.

Opensea Film and Photography duo, Nia and Jon Moynihan, have set sail again across the Pacific. This time we have crossed 1,100 nautical miles of deep blue water to reach the Melanesian shores  of Vanuatu Рa nation known for the happiest people in the world. Along the way we have come to more realizations about the conviction it takes to
photograph the natural world. Though the long passage was filled mostly with beautiful weather, at times the extremities of the wind strength and the wave size was overwhelming.

Sometimes we ask ourselves “what makes people do it?” What makes a person head out into the middle of nowhere? Maybe for us its to be alone, away form the world, and then to arrive in new places filled with adventure and the unknown. Perhaps its also the peace and mental tranquility that comes with being the only person around for hundreds of miles, only accompanied by the repose of nature, birds, and sea creatures. Therese a sense of connectedness that comes over a person when confronted with the strength of raw nature.

Its amazing how your spirit can change due to changes in weather. One day its all doom and gloom – strong winds, huge waves, wet feet, and cold bitter rain. At some times we have feelings of “never again”.Water falling on us as we try to sleep at 45 degree angles as dim grey clouds push us in bad direction; the sea juggling us in her instability and lucidity, knocking us down, rolling us around, and to extents, belittling us, making us realize how small and fragile we actually are. But then the sky parts, it becomes clear, and the sun shines through, warming us back to health and giving us strength to continue. And the sun, glorious warmth and giver of light nurtures our emotions and brings smiles back to our faces. So we tune our sails to the direction of the wind, thus falling in rhythm with what nature give us. That harmony is the testament of the artist and of the nature photographer. Accepting the emotional roller coaster that nature puts you through is what we strive to capture through photography.

While we spent most of the recent weeks at sea, here is some of recent imagery:

(C) Mora and Moynihan
(C) Mora and Moynihan
(C) Mora and Moynihan