Should Your Photography Marketing Include a YouTube Video Portfolio? Watch This:


Should Your Photography Marketing Include a YouTube Video Portfolio? Watch This:

Success in outdoor photography is all about marketing! With so many tools available to market, which approach is best: Facebook, G+, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, 500PX? Or email, direct mail, or cold calling? They are all good and each is effective for specific markets you are trying to reach. Today, however, I want to look at YouTube and Vimeo as a marketing tool.

It is already widely known that many business are finding online video a great tool to market and some employ very creative techniques to reach an audience. So what about marketing nature photography? I Googled: ‘nature photography portfolio’ on YT and found quite a few photographers using the platform to show their work, but sadly in many cases they only had a few hundred views. I also did not find any presentations that were in my opinion, going to knock the socks off a client who might be looking for someone to work with. That does not mean those videos are not on there, they just did not show up on the first three pages.

What do I mean; “knock the socks off?” I am referring to a video portfolio that goes beyond the collection of beautiful images set to music and nothing more. In our social media environment clients who might be looking for a photographer to work with want more than just seeing your beautiful photography. Beautiful photography exists everywhere and is not hard to find for the client seeking a picture. It is the client looking for a photographer to work with, who might use social media to learn everything about a photographer before contacting them. The greatest marketing tool I ever enjoyed for new business was the referral, but beyond that the best place to search obviously online. So what can you do to make it easy for clients to like you even before your first conversation? Here’s a video showing what I mean:

Marty Knapp is a B&W fine art landscape photographer and he has an exceptionally well done video on Vimeo and his website. What I think makes this video powerful is it not only shows his fabulous work, but it is professionally produced, he narrates it, and he is featured working in the field. This video makes a very powerful photographers statement and that is so important! Clients want to work with photographers they like and it matters not whether it is buying a print, a stock photo, or hiring for an assignment. It is about building a connection with clients. The question this day is whether or not a website containing still images and an About section is enough in our YouTube/Social Media world?

Watch Marty’s video:

Marty Knapp – Portrait of a Photographer from Vertical Online on Vimeo.

Marty also tells me the brilliance behind the video comes from filmmaker Logan Kelsey of Vertical Online.

You can see Marty’s work on his website here.